Saturday, November 19, 2011

Drugstore Facial Cleanser Does the Job

A recent consumer product story aired on our local news, comparing a highly advertised and celebrity endorsed product and a local drugstore brand containing the same active ingredient. The active ingredient, benzoyl peroxide, is found in both products. The study showed no differences between the two. So what is the best facial cleanser for acne?

Ever since my daughter reached puberty and began experiencing an increase in skin breakouts, I've been on the lookout for the best acne cleanser. One trip to your local drugstore can send even the most product-conscious consumer into a tailspin. You'll find lotions, creams, washes, and complete sets that all tout the claim that they are the one to purchase.

I now have another child entering the stages of puberty. Had it not been for this recent study, I would have continued purchasing the facial cleanser system I believed was far superior to any product I could purchase at my local drugstore. I also would have incurred twice the expense.

The early adolescent years are crucial to a young person's self-esteem. Those experiencing regular acne breakouts are often the brunt of jokes for their classmates seeking a target. Fortunately, the product I've used for my daughter for the last several years does clear her skin enough to not bring notice to her problem. But is it the best facial cleanser there is?

In this study, a set of consumers was divided and one group was given the well-known brand, and the other group was given the drugstore brand. They used the product for ninety days and then the researchers took the results. There was no noticeable difference in the improvement of the acne between the two groups. Neither of the groups had skin that was completely cleared during the test period.

A spokesperson for the celebrity endorsed product, when asked about the test results, stated that the most common reason for skin that was not completely cleared was related to the consumer's failure to properly follow the instructions. Regardless of the consumers' compliance with the instructions, each group experienced the same results.

What does this study mean to someone plagued with the acne on a daily basis? It means that your local drugstore brand is just as efficient, according to the study, as the highly advertised brand you can purchase for twice the cost at your local mall kiosk. For the last several years, I have fallen prey to the advertising hype and made monthly treks to the mall to purchase this product that claims it's the best facial cleanser system. I suggest you don't do the same.

By Alex Swandlin


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